Eric Lish is a Brooklyn based multi-disciplinary graphic designer with experience working in editorial design, type design, branding, and motion graphics Available for Hire
Puma X Porsche 
Art Direction 
Spring 2021
Puma x Porsche 

Art Direction for Puma X Porsche wrap with Terry Rozier to launch the new Puma x Porsch Legacy shoe. Photos by David Salafia

Garage Magazine #19
Editorial Design 
Fall 2020

Garage Magazine Issue 19

Editorial Design for Garage Magazine Issue 19, Fall 2020. Art Director : Mclayne Ycmat. 

Garage Magazine #18
Editorial Design 
Spring 2020
Garage Magazine Issue 18

Editorial Design for Garage Magazine Issue 18, Sping 2020. Designed with Mclayne Ycmat.

Buffalo London
Type Design & Direction
Winter 2021
Classic BurningFor

Custom Type Design and Typographic direction for Buffalo London X The Fabricant powered by Dress-X. The Classic BurningFor is a digital fashion item that’s worn exclusively in the digital realm.