Warren is a newsprint catalog of diverse writings sourced from the Internet. These writings culminate together as an interdependent text which is to be experienced as if you're going down an internet ‘rabbit hole’. Collecting symbols and passages from a multitude of topics, identities, powers, and sources - I aimed to pronounce the surprising relationships between things through my Senior Thesis. Symbols act as hyperlinks for readers to navigate between different passages throughout Warren. The passages act as links on a chain creating a narrative that raises awareness of the connection between seemingly unrelated things. Warren can be started at any point within its passages; each passage relates to its previous and following passage which form the links to build the greater chain.

Warren fits within the tradition of artists who convey the hidden connections between disparate societal forces. In the film Hypernormalization, Adam Curtis weaves a historical narrative which connects Patti Smith to Neoliberalism to the rise of Islamic Fundamentalism. The Assemblage Theory developed by Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari speaks of interconnectedness, in metaphorical terms, through characterizing our social world as a mosaic or a web. This metaphor derived from the Assemblage Theory provides the groundwork for Warren’s layout, each passage acts as a thread in the fabric of Warren as a patchwork of information. Through Warren and the systems within it, I aim to pronounce our world’s complex totality and its connections that weave it together to form an intricate web of information.